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Yale Workplace Survey 2012- Coming Soon!

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From November 12* through midnight, November 26, all non-faculty staff will have the opportunity to take the Yale Workplace Survey. In 2010, 81% of non-faculty staff members completed the survey and provided valuable feedback about the work culture at Yale. This year its administrators hope to meet or exceed the 81% participation rate.  

The survey measures attitudes toward such critical dimensions of the work environment as commitment, diversity, leadership, productivity, innovation and development. The questions being asked this year are similar to those in the survey conducted in 2010, creating measurable benchmarks for the University to assess over time.

The survey is brief (7-10 minutes) and strictly confidential. It is completely anonymous --- staff members are never asked for a NetID or name and answers cannot be traced.

For everyone's convenience, the survey is administered in both paper and electronic formats. The online survey will be able to accommodate staff members who use Internet Explorer for their browser as well as other browsers, including Firefox and Safari.

For additional information, go the Workplace Survey website, www.yale.edu/conversations.


*Paper survey administration begins November 8.