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Working Green: May is travel and transportation month

Since 2006, Yale has significantly expanded its strategies to promote sustainable and economical transportation options among those who travel daily between their homes and the campus. Last year alone, 30% of Yale commuters used emission-free transportation (walking, biking and teleworking), and over 60% of commuters used methods of transportation that are more environmentally friendly than driving. Such methods include ridesharing, as well as use of public transit. 441 people carpool or vanpool to Yale, and over the past three years, there was a 36% increase in Yale shuttle ridership. Even when members of the University community had to use cars, many turned to the Zipcar service, which boasts over 2600 members at Yale.                  

This May we can all do our part to promote sustainable transportation at Yale. The University’s Strategic Sustainability Plan includes seven goals pertaining to transportation, with two of particular relevance to University staff and faculty. The Office of Sustainability is aiming for no net increase in parking spaces on University-owned or leased property beyond those already planned from now until 2013. It also hopes to reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles for travel to and from campus by 1-3% by 2013.

With these goals established, going green truly begins with you when you follow these sustainable transportation tips:

  • Consider biking, walking, or taking public transportation to work: Click here to see map and below.

    radius map

  • Take advantage of Yale's departmental bike share program for travel during the work day, and the Zipcar program for longer work-related trips.
  • Use the Yale shuttle to get around New Haven, including connections to the train or bus.
  • Before scheduling a meeting assess whether you could accomplish your objectives through web, audio, or video conferencing; contact ITS Network Services’ Customer Service team at 2-9700 for more details.
  • Consider traveling by train instead of air (air travel is the largest per-capita contributor of carbon emissions) for shorter distances. When air travel cannot be avoided, offset your carbon footprint by donating to the Community Carbon Fund, which provides programmable thermostats and low volume shower heads to low income New Haven residents.
  • Carpool with friends or co-workers, which significantly reduces parking costs. Find fellow Yale employees to carpool with, by entering your home address on the NuRide website: www.nuride.com. Click on “see rewards” inside the green circle.

Visit www.yale.edu/to and fill out a commuter counseling form to learn about all of the transportation options from home to campus. For information about the Sustainability Strategic Plan, visit http://sustainability.yale.edu.