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Yale’s online “International Toolkit” debuts

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Yale and the World: Your International Toolkit gives Yale faculty, staff, post-docs, and students an easy way to access international resources from across Yale’s websites and beyond.

The International Toolkit covers a broad range of content, from practical travel tips and tools, to managing procurement and facilities needs overseas, to guidance on financial matters and human resources, and more. Throughout, the International Toolkit provides insight into the various requirements and standards that apply to Yale’s international activities, whether overseas or on campus.

Its “Restricted Activities” section features straightforward explanations of challenging legal and regulatory matters and explains where to find help at Yale with structuring international projects so that they meet requirements.

Users can browse sections, access country-specific resources, conduct keyword searches, or use the Roadmap tool to filter content by usergroup and topic. And when a tool will not suffice, the Toolkit’s "Contact Us" function makes it easy to reach the members of Yale’s International Operations Compliance Committee, who are available to help with any international matter.


URL for the toolkit is http://world-toolkit.yale.edu.