Yale University

Working at Yale

Recent Retirements

July 2011
Name Department
Joanne Annunziato School Of Medicine, YMG Accounts Receivable
Colleen Bertrand Calhoun College Dean's Office
Qingsheng Chen School Of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pulmonary
Debra Coleman Architecture
Peter Cuticello Office Of Facilities, Physical Plant
Richard Hasbany Law School Library
Patricia Pierce Office Of Development
Marie Salvatore Office Of Development
Michael Santarcangelo Office Of Facilities,Physical Plant
Rose Schulz Human Resources Services
Emma Sheridan Student Financial And Administrative Services
Shuhua Xu School Of Medicine, Internal Medicine, Digestive Disease
June 2011
Name Department
Linda Beise School of Management
Jonathan Gillette Yale College
Carol Cofrancesco Athletics
Christopher Hatchell Math
Marcella Corrales Ob/Gyn
Richard Horn Social Science Library
Millicent Morton ITS Production Services
Kazuko Yamaguchi East Asian Library
Carole Zeranski Neurology
May 2011
Name Department
Michele Augliera Human Resources Services
Carolynn Augustine Psychiatry
Jeffrey Barnett Library Central Systems
J. Donald Feeley Athletics
Paula Nebb Class and Comp
Reginald Smith Rec/Del - Central
April 2011
Name Department
John Blanton Yale Health
Anthony Dadio Grounds Mtnce
Sun Ae Kim Purchasing
Marion Frasier Catering
Susan Klein Beinecke Lib Public Srvcs
Lydia Kovi School of Music
Alphonse Paolillo Grounds Mtnce
Paul Parent Physical Plant
Leona Polite Pathology
Linda Williams Art Gallery
March 2011
Name Department
James Bryant Custodial Services
Dennis Daniels Beinecke Library Administration
Mary Sasso J Edwards DH
Martin Donovan School of Medicine, Financial Operations
Ginger Dutschman Pharmacology
James Kavanaugh Custodial Services
Gerard Schlauch Surgery
Frank Tarulli Utilities
February 2011
Name Department
John Sayers Library Access Services - Bass
January 2011
Name Department
Roberta Bartek University Financial Aid
Mary Belton Mathematics
Rose Ann Buono Yale Printing and Publishing Services
Lana Lawrence-Cipriani Cancer Center
Janett Nabors Internal Medicine Geriatrics
Linda Pascale Internal Medicine Clinical Affairs
Harshad Patel Utilities
Laraine Sammler Digital Media Center
December 2010
Name Department
Usha Carr Yale School of Medicine, Facilities
Paul McGovern Security
Naida McKelvey Yale Health
Kathleen Schomaker School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Cheryl Soltysik University Libraries
November 2010
Name Department
Marla Beck School of Drama
Lorraine Elliss Grants/Contracts
Edward Litto ITS Desktop Support
Patricia Loving University Health Services
Shashi Luthra University Libraries
Wayne Morgan Yale School of Medicine Facilities
Carol Palmieri Immunobiology
Minnie Randolph Custodial Services
October 2010
Name Department
Toby Appel Medical Library
Erica Brossard School of Engineering & Applied Science
Barbara Dynia Psychology
Julius Landwrith Institution for Social and PolicyStudies
Linda Leis Development
Elinor Lutch YSM Dean's Office
Sonia Meaddough Development
Maureen O'Connor Int Med Cardiology
Pauline Panicali Athletics
Harry Shailor ITS Telecommunications
Nancy Stevenson Animal Resources Center
September 2010
Name Department
Westley Anderson Ob/Gyn
Emma Arline Customer Services
Irene Armstrong Peabody Museum
Rose Calabrese University Health Services
Nancy King Economics
Hyacinth Lynch YMG Patient Registration
Ronnie Maebry Customer Services
Anna Mannarino University Health Services
Robert Pidskalny ITS Telecommunications
Michael Ranfone Athletics
August 2010
Name Department
Dorothy Brandriff Silliman College Dean's Office
Barbara Cangiano Mol Cell & Dev Biology
Ilene Defelice Surgery
Barbara Ebron Facilities
Hyacinth Lynch YMG Patient Registration
Grace Epps Lib Doc Del/ILL
Vincent Ruggiero YSM Facilities
Mary Jane Malone University Health Services
Jimmy Warden Physical Plant
Jean West Physical Plant
July 2010
Name Department
Everne Boodhoo FAS Registrar
Augusta Bowlby Internal Medicine, Cardiology
Theresa DeCicco Surgery
Dolores Dellipoali Development
Linda Dobb Computer Science
Donald Giannini Facilities
Lesandra Giordano Human Resources Services
Lina Golovyan Biotech Svs
Bernard Holder Customer Services
Tricia Mucha HR Tech and Decision Supp
Anna Malicka Lewis Walpole Lib
M. Martin Human Relations Area Files
Teresa McGloin Davenport DH
Linda Memmott Association of Yale Alumni
Gila Reinstein Public Affairs
Laura Sandquist RIS Director's Office
Dominic Scalia Building Operations Shared Services Group
Jesse Stanley YSM Facilities
Kathleen Tatham Mol Biophys & Biochem
James Tessier Admin Systems ITS
June 2010
Name Department
J. Brewster School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Jennifer Briggs Peabody Museum
Maureen Draicchio Near Eastern Lang/Civ
Ida Felder YSM Facilities
Donatello Galluzzi Athletics
Audrey Healy Theater Studies
Carla Lukas Classics, University Library
Mario Mena Elizabethan Club
JoAnn Santora School of Nursing
Clemence Palcso HR Employee Relations
May 2010
Name Department
Beverly Abeshouse Human Resources Services
Leticia De Dios Pathology
Florine Dombroski Mol Biophys & Biochem
Marlene Feldman Saybrook College Dean
Michael Giaimo Physical Plant
Joan Hallums YSM Facilities
Zhiyun Lu Int Med Endocrinology
Charlene Melton Physical Plant
Freida Moroniti Int Med Cardiology
Dorothy Pierce Surgery
Laurel Poletti University Health Services
Judith Smith Computer Science
Kathy Sulkes International Affairs Council
Carol Stockton Internal Medicine Cardiology
Wendy Thomas Academic Administration
April 2010
Name Department
Rosemary Betlinski Timothy Dwight Dining Hall
Ruth Council Psychiatry
Patricia Cucinotta Sustainability
Wilson Edwards Physical Plant
Roberta Esposito Surgery
Sherrill Greenidge Health Services Center
Joan Katko School Of Nursing
Frank Keefe Athletics
Copeland MacClintock Peabody Museum
Ramona Marshall Custodial Services
David Mullings Custodial Services
Charles Munro Athletics
Christine Quinn Berkeley Dining Hall
Joan Scarveles School Of Medicine
Joanna Vincent Psychiatry
March 2010
Name Department
Lewis Nescott Development
Michael Seca Physical Plant
John Hall Physical Plant
Li-Ching Chen East Asian Lib
James Burgh Athletics
February 2010
Name Department
Lawrence Ciotti Athletics
John Pierson Custodial Services
Thomas McNeff Physical Plant
Peggy Howe Neurology
Curtis Hodgkins YSM Facilities
Robert Harris YSM Facilities
Carol Doria Int Med Hematology
Agatha Daley Pathology
Kay Claiborn Classics
Nancy Britton YSM Grants/Contracts