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Four at SEAS receive Gibbs Distinguished Staff Awards

The School of Engineering and Applied Science's (SEAS) Cara Gibilisco, Edward Jackson, Michael Power and Lorraine Ragusa are Yale’s 2010 recipients of the Gibbs Distinguished Staff Awards. The award is named in honor of the luminary J.W. Gibbs, who received the first engineering Ph.D at Yale, and goes to selected members of the staff based on input and nominations from the entire SEAS community.

Presented on August 31 by Dean T. Kyle Vanderlick, the award honors staff whose contributions and actions, in Vanderlick's words, "consistently elevate the operations, performance, and morale of the School, exemplifying the critical role of teamwork.”

This year’s recognition ceremony followed an all SEAS picnic featuring the Super Duper Weenie truck, which provided all the hotdogs and side dishes the staff and faculty could eat.

The importance of honoring excellence in performance was not lost on the group as Vanderlick named the honored Gibbs Award winners and described their contributions to the school:

Cara Gibilisco, SEAS graduate registrar, was recognized for her highly professional management of the graduate program and her deep devotion to the students: “She has all the regulations at her fingertips and is the go-to person for faculty and graduate students alike. She is always professional, always considerate, always pleasant…and always right.”

Ed Jackson, the SEAS manager of the Electrical Engineering Teaching Labs, was named not only for his masterful support of the labs, but also for the hands-on guidance and expertise he enthusiastically shares with undergraduates during experiments: “He has been a tremendous resource for Engineering and for our students. He is an amazing teacher.”

Michael Power, the SEAS Cleanroom lead process engineer, was honored for his leadership in managing and maintaining the Yale Cleanroom, a critical research facility, and bringing quality support to its users: “His devotion to the job is second to none, setting a fine example for his staff and the clients he serves.”

Lorraine Ragusa, an administrative assistant in Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science, was cited for an attention to detail that guarantees a job done well: “Lorraine shines among her peers with her strong work ethic, her conscientiousness, her endearing personality, her sense of humor and her sense of camaraderie.”

The awards came as a pleasant surprise to the four honorees, all of whom were modest about being singled out by their colleagues and students. “I’m the one who’s blessed to have a great team,” says Ragusa, who is very proud of the certificate she now has on the wall. Jackson and Power, whose certificates are also proudly displayed, both expressed how “nice it was to be recognized.” Adds Gibilisco: “Employee recognition like this has a huge value because it builds morale. In these tough times when everyone is taking on more and still giving 100 percent, this event matters.”